Watch winder Bond 1 watch with LED

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The watch winders in our Bond series keep valuable watches safe and protected from dust, shocks and other environmental influences. In keeping with the noble contents, the elegant suitcases are handcrafted from fine imitation leather and have a high-quality finish. The velor lining with its soft surface is perfect for valuable watches. A glass lid provides decorative insights.

The function of the watch winder is to simulate the movement of the wrist. This saves you the trouble of winding (temporarily unused) watches.

The watch winder houses an automatic watch and has various rotation and operating modes to meet the various requirements of today's automatic watches. The switches in this segment are used to select one of the different movement programs.

  • High-quality fine synthetic material with a real leather look
  • Electric motor licensed from “MABUCHI JAPAN”
  • Body made of robust MDF
  • Flexibly adjustable watch cushion with snap-in function for optimal fixation in the drum (also suitable for women's watches - diameter of 16.5-21.5 cm)
  • various rotation modes as well as accurate setting options for the number of revolutions
  • Real glass lid
  • Possibility of battery operation and supply via power adapter (suitable for countries such as EU, UK, USA, AUS)
  • With LED lighting (can be switched on and off)

Rotation mode
1. Clockwise
2. Counterclockwise
3. Alternating mode

Motion mode:
1. 650 TPD: 1 minute rotation and 571 seconds rest, then repeat
2. 750 TPD: 1 minute rotation and 478 seconds rest, then repeat
3. 850 TPD: 1 minute rotation and 423 seconds rest, then repeat
4. 1000 TPD: 1 minute rotation and 350 seconds rest, then repeat
5. 1950 TPD: 1 minute rotation and 150 seconds rest, then Repeat

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